Create Templates

Choose from a pre-existing library or build a design from scratch using our slick no HTML required template editor.

Free email templates

A growing library of free email templates provides creative inspiration and kickstarts beautiful campaigns. We've already done the legwork, testing each template design in all major email clients so you won't have to.

Easy template editor

Our built-in editor gives you easy-to-use creative tools, auto-save and version history (so you can roll back those changes you accidentally made) - all without any need to write a line of HTML.

Optimize existing designs

Turn any template into a SendUser-friendly template by adding a few lines of code. Our extensive template building guide gives you all the details you need.

Free image & file hosting

It's always free to upload and host images and files for your campaigns. Use our easy image gallery and file browser to keep everything organized.

Manage Contact Lists

Start your contact lists from scratch, or grow existing lists. Track contact history, subscriber engagement and list growth.

Manage subscribers

Create as many contact lists as you'd like to manage your subscribers, customers and other contacts. Upload contacts from other data sources, or build lists using sign-up forms.


Use a confirmed opt-in or verified/single opt-in process to help build valid (and valuable) contact lists. Set up confirmation emails that look and feel like your own brand.

Subscription forms

Create a unique signup form on your website for every list you manage, or easily add a subscription form to your company's Facebook page.

Subscriber groups

Target specific subscribers by creating groups based on data they've shared with you (like gender, geographic location or job title), or previous activity (like whether or not they've opened your last campaign).


View activity history for individual contacts, including what campaigns they've received or opened recently, and what links they've clicked. Find out if they've unsubscribed or reported complaints.

Measure engagement

For every contact list you maintain, we calculate the engagement level of that list (a special formula that tells you how good - or not so good - your connection with that group of subscribers is).

Send A Campaign

A variety of campaign types, testing options and advanced features make sure you can be as creative as you please.

Recurring campaigns

For emails that need to be sent at regular intervals, like a monthly summary of blog updates or other digests.

Auto responders

Easily set up one or more emails that will automatically be sent before, on, or after a specific date or event.

split tests

No need for guesswork! Let a small portion of your list determine the best subject line, email from address + name, or content and send the winning version to the rest of your subscriber list.

Effortless personalization

Make use of data from your contact lists to give your campaigns a personal touch. Turn "Hi reader," into Hi Anne, Hi Kevin and Hi Joe by inserting a single personalized tag in your content.


Send test emails in text and HTML to make sure that your campaign looks just as good in your inbox as it does onscreen. You can also use the built-in Spam Assassin tool to make sure your content won't raise any red flags before you hit send.

Advanced editing options

More advanced users can use the built-in HTML editor to insert or edit their own code, or upload already designed campaigns as .zip files.

Performance & Reporting

Track your campaign's success and dive into details like who opened, clicked or unsubscribed.

Campaign overview

See how many of emails have been opened, and what links were clicked along with other data (and pretty charts and graphs) that helps you tell compelling stories about your latest campaign.

Detailed reports

Drill down into the details of a campaign, from who opened and clicked (and who didn't open) as well as bounce, unsubscribe and other delivery data that helps you understand your campaign's success.


Get the data that you need in a spreadsheet & chart friendly format by simply clicking on the "Export Report" button. These handy reports include details like bounce errors and information on user activity.

Google Analytics integration

With a simple checkbox, we'll add tracking code to your campaign so your Analytics accounts shows how many website visits, conversions and other activities were generated as a result of your email.


A high-level look at campaign activity overlaid on top of that gorgeous email you just sent. View this info online, or download a PNG you can share around to the rest of your team.

Social media sharing

Our sharing toolbar lets your readers share your content on popular social networks and tracks sharing data on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.