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If you know how to email, you know how to use senduser

skip the learning curve.

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Create beautiful emails in minutes

Use our free templates and make them your own.

Manage Your Contacts

Get sign up forms for free and build your list. If you already have contacts, you can import them quickly.


Choose your template

You don't need to be a designer or professional coder to create a professional email. Kickstart your campaigns by choosing from our growing library of designer made templates.

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Customize your email

Change the layout, add your pictures and tell your story - or just say hi. Craft emails that really show who you are.


Measure your success

See what works. And where. Maps, graphs and data, all available at your fingertips. Use the information on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else where you want to make an impact.

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some of our plans

Simplicity has a price. And it's cheaper than you think.

Free Plan

If you have 100 contacts or less, you can get everything a paid plan gets. You also get our logo at the bottom of your email to show where you created your awesome newsletter.

Paid plans do not get the SendUser logo in their footer.


Number of contacts


send limit



Number of contacts


send limit



Number of contacts


send limit


Research done by the Direct Marketing Association shows that the ROI for email marketing is almost $41 for every dollar invested

Let us help you

You get support whether you have a free account or have thousands of contacts.

  • Real time expert support
  • Webinars and one-on-one training
  • Growing knowledge base
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